FA’s rules for football player eligibility to play in UK is just as confusing as Brexit deal itself, but fear not, we have got you covered.

In the aftermath of Brexit, the British Football Association announced a set of rules that govern the eligibility of a football player to play in the UK. And obviously, it had to be as convoluted as possible, otherwise it wouldn’t be on brand for the only European country that drives on the other side of the road, and still has a law about running around with a suspicious salmon (Watch the video it is hilarious).

In any case, our club and agent clients were having a hard time navigating the new landscape so we built a tool to remove the…

Drawn: The Art of Ascent: https://www.amazon.com/Drawn-Art-Ascent-Jeremy-Collins/dp/1594859582

Climbing is about mindfully controlling your body, your mind, your emotions and your attitude; and letting go of anything else.

I recently started climbing just because a couple of my friends were going climbing and I had nothing better to do. As someone who has a fear of heights, I basically just wanted to see whether I would be able to control my fear in a controlled setting. The experience turned out to be mentally and emotionally far more complex than I had anticipated. TLDR: I got hooked, but that had nothing to do with the adrenaline rush.

Before starting this personal article, I searched Medium a bit to see if my points were already made and found an article…

Image Source: https://twitter.com/wrathofgnon/status/1250287741247426565/photo/1

In the world of modelling tabular data, there is one ruling dynasty: Boosting models.

While the landscape is changing, majority of the problems in ML and AI continue to be supervised modelling problems. Despite deep learning applications (image, video, text, speech) taking the headlines left and right, majority of the real life problems use tabular data, especially in business. And in this world there is only one ruler: Boosting models.

People who have participated in Kaggle competitions are very familiar with boosting models. The reign started with XGBoost dominating most competitions. The crown was shortly passed onto LightGBM. But these are not the only boosting algorithms. Recently, I have been asked a question on…

Sometimes, indulgences are ways to blow off steam, other times they are detrimental. A simple “utilitarian” principle might help us separate one from the other.

We all have indulgences and self-indulgences. In moderation, these indulgences help us feel better or push through some moments that may otherwise be overwhelming (looking at you chocolate cake). But at some point, if they turn into patterns we fall back to, they have a habit of becoming harmful, even turning into addictions.

Being human, we are never going to be completely efficient and calculated. To be honest, I think we absolutely mustn’t. Interesting and…

Normal is a non-existent reference point, so what then?

If you have enough time alone in your own head, you end up interpreting everything in a way that is meaningful to you. Your experiences and understanding are impacted by what you need at that moment and vice versa.

As a foreigner in a country whose language I barely understand and do not speak, I tend to have a lot of time inside my own head. At one of those moments, I was thinking about being the odd one out, because frankly, I am. …

AKA why we need the ‘science’ part of data science now more than ever?

As we all found out in the past year, ‘positive’ is not always a good adjective. In case of ‘positive’ feedback loops in data science, the results can be devastating if we keep propagating human mistakes and biases.

Positive feedback loop is defined as components of a system bilaterally increasing each others’ values when a small perturbation happens to one component. Usually positive feedback loops are associated with exponential growth (yet another word that is not always good). Most familiar one should be our recent experience…

We are missing the trees for the forest.

Copyright: Blake, Tupper Ansel, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Wikimedia Commons.

I normally write technical pieces, with the occasional soft aspect. This one is a soft piece with the occasional technicality. I worked on machine learning and data science in one form or the other my entire career. Some of the projects I worked on were big and some of them were small. All of them complex in their own ways.

Machine learning is done rather well by AutoML solutions these days. And at some point I may have been threatened as a data scientist by the idea (talk about irony, person who…

Football is by and large the biggest sport in terms of financials and the transfer market took a hit during the summer of 2020. Even without the turmoil of COVID-19, the January window is always a chaotic melodrama of desperate clubs making panic buys to stay in their leagues and title contenders trying to strengthen the squad to bring a trophy home. On top of this perfect storm, clubs now need to deal with the ripples of closed stadiums, decreased revenues and packed game schedules..

The transfer window is always prolific with rumors, news, speculations and commentary, even more so…

Football is a game of extraordinary events. Every action, every collision, every move on the ball happens in a small fraction of the whole 90 minutes. Of these, the rarest and the sweetest are the goals. Truly extraordinary, in the literal meaning of the word. A few seconds of glory in the span of 90 minutes, if at all.

This extraordinary nature of the game is one of the reasons why it is cherished by so many fans around the globe. Every goal is a gift that stirs strong emotions in devoted fans, every concession is a failure. …

Elvan Aydemir

Deals with data mining, machine learning and other cool stuff that saves time. Head of Research @Ensk.AI Formerly Data Scientist @Team Secret

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